AquaCity Poprad

AquaCity Poprad is a world of entertainment, rest and relaxation. The Aquapark includes 13 outdoor and indoor pools with a temperature of thermal water 28°C – 38°C, water slides and more than 350 water attractions. Water in AquaCity comes from a natural underground source and is brought to the site. The process is cooled to 36-38 ° C from 50 ° C. Pools have an anti-corrosion surface to minimise the need for chlorine. UV radiation is used to disinfect it, making it skin-friendly and eye-friendly. Water in the thermal pools originates from a depth of 1300 m and contains more than 20 different minerals beneficial to human health. It helps with movement and respiratory system problems, blood circulation, nervous system and has beneficial cosmetic effects.

AQUACITY POPRAD – water paradise under High Tatras

  • 9 outdoor and indoor thermal and relaxation pools
  • 350 water attractions (massage jets, whirlpools, beads, water mushrooms)
  • 3 outdoor swimming pools (28 ° – 38 °C) with whirlpools and water attractions (swimming, sitting and relaxing)
  • indoor relaxation Blue Sapphire pools with chromotherapy and evening 3D Laser show
  • luxurious indoor Blue Diamond pools with beverage bars
  • children’s pool Treasure Island (salt water swimming pool, shipwreck, slides and attractions, whirlpool for adults, terrarium with Iguanas)
  • 50m Swimming pool and steam sauna


Enrichment of your stay at AquaCity Poprad will certainly be our fun animation programs for kids and adults during the weekends and in the summer season every day. A professional team of animators have prepared for your children competitions and parties, discos with fairy-tale mascots, face painting, balloon show, dance, fit or aqua aerobic, competitions and activities for adults.


Take care of yourself and we will take care of your children. Treat yourself to a variety of spa treatments or massages; visit the Fire & Water Wellness & Spa Wellness Centre, while we prepare a great program for your kids. Supervised Kindergarten is a free service at the Blue Sapphire Children’s Play Area and is designed for children from 3 to 12 years of age. The children’s playground features plenty of fun attractions, children’s games, Play Station consoles. 


On an area of over 1590 square meters you will find a vibrant world full of contrasts in the sign of the elements of fire and water. These elements are a symbol of the wellness centre divided into a private and party zone where you will find various types of saunas and inhalation rooms, a ceremonial sauna, relaxing rooms and unique 14 m Wellness Bar with a trendy menu of smoothies, fruit juices, mixed drinks and wellness drinks.

  • the largest two-storey wellness centre in Slovakia
  • Vital world full of contrasts in the sign of fire and water elements, divided into a private and party zone –  pool, whirlpools
  • 8 saunas and inhalations (ceremonial sauna, salt, steam, mint, dry sauna and infra)
  • Ice Cave, leisure and party room
  • 14m wellness bar with trendy selection of cocktails
  • relaxation massage centre and spa treatments, solarium, Thai massage centre


In the wellness centre Fire & Water Wellness & Spa we offer special experiences in saunas – sauna ceremonies, sauna rituals and peelings. The sauna will be much more intense and interesting for you thanks to our sauna masters. They use a special air swirling technique, soaking stones with fragrant essences, increasing the sensing temperature and bringing a new experience into your saunering. Indulge in exceptional wellness and great entertainment in the various types of themed saunas, accompanied by pleasant smells, music, lighting and a story.


Do you love swimming? Try our new swimming pool, which is ideal not only to give a proper sports performance but also to relax. There are eight swimming lanes that can be used all week long. The new paradise for swimmers meets the requirements for organising training camps, sports camps and swimming events.

The pool has been renewed based on the parameters of the International Swimming Association (FINA) and not only guarantees quality training conditions for athletes but can host swimming competitions. There are sixteen FINA starting blocks. For training camps, training purposes or competitions, the OMEGA timekeeping system for two lanes built in the bottom can be rented. Next to the pool, there are two direction rooms available for rent during competitions and training. A LED screen (4.8 x 2.8m) is at disposal too.

The new stainless-steel pool offers absolute user comfort for athletes as well as recreational swimmers. The water temperature is very pleasant – 28°C. The pool bottom is designed to guarantee a continuous slope and a depth range of 1.35 – 1.8 metres. Lined with safety glass as deep as 1.2 metres, it is designated not only for sports performances but also for relaxation. If you need to stimulate your blood circulation, there is a steam sauna with a high humidity level at disposal to remove harmful substances from your body and have a rest. Get fit and boost your vitality and health.

In the spectator area, lights are embedded in wooden strips. It is more comfortable for spectators to support swimmers at events and for swimmers to train. There is floor heating on individual levels of seats, which adds extra comfort too. The designers of the new swimming pool have thought of wheelchair accessibility too.


Thermal water is the primary source of energy used for heating the complex and is the heart of AquaCity. The water is gentle on the skin and beneficial to health. Water is one of the most important natural resources in the world. In AquaCity, water is also the base for fun and relaxation. Water pumped from underground geothermal natural lakes is fed into AquaCity with an initial temperature of around 49 °C. In large high-tech water exchangers it releases its heat, which is transferred to the hotel and resort buildings. Water in the pools, showers and water supply is under constant strict supervision and impurities are removed using the same natural filtering systems based on UV, which are used for drinking water.

The use of chemicals is kept to a bare minimum in pools, bathrooms and showers meaning that the water remains soft on your skin and eyes, and is also environmentally friendly. To minimise the amount of chemicals needed, new pools are constructed using stainless steel, not concrete, thereby reducing the need for chlorination by upto 90%.


The High Tatras is an ideal destination for visitors looking for high-quality services and enjoy active relaxation. Should you decide to spend your vacation in the mountains, choose the Tatras – the highest and most beautiful mountains in Slovakia, which are the perfect place for a variety of leisure activities. In the summer, it is mainly mountain hiking, biking in amazing nature and winter skiing on the snowy ski slopes of the ski resorts. Directly under the High Tatras, almost in the heart of Europe is the exceptional ecological resort – AquaCity Poprad.

AquaCity Poprad is a unique complex that offers a wide range of services for an ideal holiday, an unforgettable family trip or corporate event. The multifunctional resort offers accommodation, relaxation and wellness services, health tourism and sports facilities, gastronomic, and congress services for the needs of business clients. As a part of the resort there are 5 hotels – Hotel Riverside ***, Seasons ***, Mountain View **** in Poprad and Horizont Resort **** and Hotel Hills **** in Stará Lesná, thermal Aquapark with 13 outdoor and indoor swimming pools with a 3500m2 water surface, fitness centre, Cryocentre, 1600m2 two-storey wellness centre, massage centres, bars, restaurants, children’s play areas, playgrounds, and congress facilities.

AquaCity Poprad Resort has 5 standard hotels – Hotel Riverside ***, Seasons ***, Mountain View **** in Poprad, Horizont Resort **** and Hotel Hills **** in Stará Lesná, Thermal Aquapark with  14 outdoor and indoor pools with a water area of 3,500 square meters, fitness, Cryocentre, two-storey wellness centre Fire & Water Wellness & Spa with 1600 m2 area, beauty and health clinic, massage centres, bars, restaurants, children’s play areas, playground and conference rooms.

Spend unforgettable moments and a flawless holiday with your loved ones at AquaCity Poprad!

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