How to get here


Poprad – Tatry airport is an international airport. Its geographical location guarantees very good weather conditions. And it is embraced by beautiful nature, which makes it really unique.

The airport is open all year round, 24/7 and used for: charter flights by tourists and sportsmen, private and business flights, training flights, helicopter emergency medical service, the local aero club and scenic flights. From the airport Poprad – Tatry flying from 18/01/2014 to 03/15/2014 charter flights from Gdansk. The next nearest airport is in Košice (120 km).


It is very easy and comfortable to get to the Region of the High Tatras by train. The main railway line from the west to the east is covered by the railways of the Slovak Republic, which operate in the area below the Tatras as well. The main railway junction is the town of Poprad, with frequent train connections to Bratislava and Košice and international connections to Prague. There is even a car train that can save you from traffic on motorways or snow-covered roads. Slow trains or buses operate from Poprad to various tourist destinations. (see the “Local transport“)


When travelling to Poprad, you can use a new railway connection of the private Regiojet company, which operates the Prague-Ostrava-Žilina-Košice line and is about to operate the Bratislava-Žilina-Košice line from 14/12/2014. Enjoy great prices and services! For more information, please visit


There will be a new high-speed train called PENDOLINO operating between Prague and the Tatras this winter season.

The fastest railway connection between Eastern Slovakia (Košice), the Tatras and the Czech capital city (Prague) in history is going to be available from 14/12/2014. SC Pendolino represents a new quality of services for Slovak passengers. Among other things, there will be a lot of information for them to use and a special train portal will offer a lot of fun and an Internet connection as well. A special snack bar will be delivering refreshment to all corners of the train. Online orders will be made via the train portal and delivered within 20 minutes. There will be electronic books, games, transmission of online cameras at both ends of the train and many other services. For more information, please visit


  • Vďaka dopravcovi TigerExpress, ktorý zriadil autobusové spojenie z Krakova cez Oravu, Liptov, Tatry do Košíc, Slovensko získalo dlho očakávané priame napojenie na Poľsko a blízke poľské letiská.
  • Krakow – Košice
    Trasa umožňuje nielen Slovákom priamo a rýchlo sa dostať do Krakova a na krakovské a katovické letiská, ktoré ponúkajú širokú paletu letov do celej Európy. Pravidelné víkendové autobusové spojenie KRAKOW – KOŠICE – z VARŠAVY CEZ KRAKOV, ZAKOPANE, LOMNICU, STARÝ SMOKOVEC, LIPTOVSKÝ MIKULÁŠ AŽ DO TATRALANDIE.
  • Najväčšia sieť diaľkových autobusov v Európe FLIXBUS


Getting to the Region of the High Tatras by car is very fast and easy. The A motorway connects the Slovak capital city of Bratislava with the town of Poprad through Trenčín and Žilina. Motorway sections between the towns of Žilina – Ružomberok – Ivachnová are under construction now and replaced by A roads. Other parts of Slovakia are available via A and B roads.

The maximum speed limit is 130 km/h on motorways and A roads, 90 km/h on roads outside towns and cities and 50 km/h within towns and cities. Drivers are obliged to have the lights on at daytime.

Toll stickers are compulsory on motorways and can be purchased at border crossings, selected petrol stations, post offices and other points of sale. All of them are marked.

The prices of toll stickers in 2013 (vehicles under 3.5 tonnes) are as follows: 12-month (1.1.2013- 31.1.2014) – 50 €, 1-month – 14 € and 10-day – 10 €.

There are information boards and signs along motorways and A-roads pointing out significant historical or art monuments and locations. And petrol stations along roads offer refreshment and resting areas with restaurants.

Roads are motorable all year round. In the winter, they are salted or gritted and snow is plowed there. If there is a continuous snow cover, ice or glaze ice, vehicles (under 3.5 tonnes) must use winter tyres on all 4 wheels.