Gastronomy high above the clouds

An unforgettable culinary experience in the clouds above the Tatras

Experience something unique – an unforgettable hot balloon gastronomy adventure. The original flight with culinary specialities made by the Lomnica hotel chefs begins at the foot of the High Tatras and takes about 60 – 90 minutes *.

* The flight duration depends on the weather.   

Culinary flights

A heavenly adventure of first-class gastronomy served by the Lomnica hotel team combined with sunset or sunrise views and a glass of Hey You Bubbles from the ViaJur winery and a cup of delicious coffee before the flight start guarantees a flawless romantic atmosphere. See the flight offer HERE.

Sightseeing flights

Watch the sun rising above the Tatras or sinking behind the horizon and discover breathtaking nature sceneries from spring to autumn. The start of a new sunny day as well as its end can be unforgettable if admired from a sightseeing plane. See the flight offer HERE.

Kuulinair offers a unique combination of all senses, culinary pleasure and a fairytale trip to the clouds ideal for all fans of unusual adventures but also more conservative individuals who like getting out of the rut from time to time.