Selected trails and paths make the Tatras accessible for the physically disabled too. Eight tourist trails with the total length of more than thirty kilometres are available during the whole year. Disabled people can thus enjoy mysteries and beauties of Tatra nature along with others.

Forest road Tichá dolina (valley) at Oravice

Oravice – gamekeeper´s lodge in Tichá dolina – asphalt – 3.4 km

Forest road Bobrovecká dolina (valley)
Oravice – pod Grúnikom – asphalt – 3.2 km

Forest road Roháčska dolina (valley)
Zverovka – former Ťatliak´s chalet – asphalt – 3.1 km

Road to Popradské pleso (tarn)
Bus stop Popradské Pleso – Popradské pleso – asphalt – 4.5 km

Road to Rainer´s chalet
Starý Smokovec – Hrebienok – Rainer´s chalet – compact gravel surface – 4.2 km

Road to gamekeeper´s lodge Podmuráň
Tatranská Javorina – gamekeeper´s lodge Podmuráň – compact gravel surface – 1.9 km

Road to gamekeeper´s lodge in Bielovodská dolina (valley)
Lysá Poľana – gamekeeper´s lodge in Bielovodská dolina – compact gravel surface – 4 km

Canyon of Dunajec (National Park Pieniny)
Červený Kláštor – Lesnica – compact gravel surface – 8 km