Spend beautiful winter moments in the Tatras and enjoy an unforgettable experience in the Tatra Temple of Ice, which is built in Hrebienok for the 10th year already. The jubilee year of the most visited winter attraction in the Tatras is inspired by a sacral building – the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.  

Make your experience more intensive and get closer to the ice sculpting art. The 2022/2023 season offers the opportunity to walk between the ice walls and admire precise details from a different angle for the first time. Plunge into the kingdom of ice and experience something unforgettable.  


Skilful hands of artists have created a masterpiece of ice that offers one extra experience besides precise details. There is a lot of symbolism hidden in the temple. During the tenth year, this is the first time that the public can walk among the temple walls and to the so called aedicule where the tomb of Jesus is located.

The Temple symbolises the path of pain which Jesus experienced on the way to the Cross, peace represented by chapels of various world religions and also courage of visitors because this is the first time that they can walk among the walls of the Tatra Temple of Ice.  


Our Temple of Ice is always inspired by world-famous buildings and this year is no exception. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is located in the Old Town of Jerusalem and has been an important place of pilgrimage of Christians from the 4th century, when Saint Helena discovered the Tomb of Jesus and Emperor Constantine I had a church built there.  


Once visitors enter the temple cover, they can see the symbolic Stations of the Cross – Via Dolorosa, which symbolise the street in the Old Town of Jerusalem and the so called Path of Pain. There are 13 stops, the tomb itself is the 14th stop.  


The ice version of the aedicule is located in the middle of the temple. It symbolises a small chapel where the tomb of Jesus is hidden. But like in Jerusalem, it is protected from flocks of pilgrims by a strong wall, this time made of ice. Visitors can take a look into the tomb of ice through a special opening in the chapel wall.   


The masterpiece was created by 22 sculptors and carvers from Czechia, Slovakia and Germany who breathed new life into 225 tonnes of ice. Adam Bakoš, a talented artist is the main builder this year again. The ice sculptors have an unbelievable number of 1880 blocks of ice under their hands. The temple of ice is protected by a dome-like cover with the diameter of 25 metres. The highest point of the temple is as high as 10.5 metres now.  

TATRA TEMPLE OF ICE is open from 25.12.2022 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Admission: free

Concerts in Tatra Cathedral

Winter full of music and performances. The Tatra Ice Dome will be resounding with musical symphonies of talented artists and groups. Don’t miss an unforgettable experience.

Concert program:

27.11. SZUS VU solistky
4.12. BuranoWsky
11.12. Lenka Piešová s gitarou/ klavír
18.12. Martin Geisberg
29.12. Spoko (z kapely Sola a Hrušky)
6.1. Zdenka Poklembová a Richard Rikkon
8.1. Komorný zbor Vesna
19.2. Rapsodeve
26.2. Nagy klavirista a huslista
5.3. Peter Juhás solo s gitarou 1
2.3. Ukitas duo
16.4. Bonbon

Autor fotografií: Marek Hajkovský

Realizované s finančnou podporou Ministerstva dopravy a výstavby Slovenskej republiky.


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