There are approx. 250,000 warm receptors on the human body. On the contrary, the number of warm receptors is lower – “only” 30.000. They are distributed unevenly over the body surface, mainly on the face, belly, arms and fingertips. Cryotherapy stimulates them as they get stressed from the cold and the unknown, which causes a reaction of the human hormone producing factory, vasoconstriction and production of adrenaline, testosterone and other substances which have beneficial effects on cellular oxygenation, inflammation processes, regeneration, relaxation and lead to a pleasant psychological result – a feeling of happiness. How does the cold feel in a cryotherapy chamber? Like wearing a T-shirt in winter… There is zero humidity inside the chamber, which means the low temperature is not that unpleasant.

Cryotherapy centre

Cryotherapy is a modern treatment using intensive low temperatures to keep human´s body healthy and boost the immune system at every age. It´s an alternative method of treating various illnesses and has a great regeneration effect. That´s why it is very popular with active sportsmen and people who care for their health, vitality and physical condition.


Cryotherapy is a healing and rehabilitation method, which history goes back to the 70s – 80s of the last century. The procedure involves a maximum of a three – minute stay in a chamber with an average temperature of – 120 ° C, followed by intense exercise – Kinesiotherapy. Staying in the chamber under medical supervision stimulates the natural production of enzymes and hormones, supporting healing, and in your body, it “starts” self-medication and regeneration.

Live healthy, feel young, feel fit

Cryotherapy is a combination of modern medicine with alternative therapy. Whole body and also local cryotherapy found its application not only in rehabilitation, relieving or eliminating the consequences of disease, but is now popular by active sportsmen and people who look after their fitness and health. We offer you the positive effects of cryotherapy in our specialised Cryochamber in AquaCity Poprad. In addition to whole-body cryotherapy, we also perform local cryotherapy.


Local cryotherapy has successfully been used in sports medicine in the treatment of various diseases and injuries by applying the cold directly to the affected area.
Local use of cooled air is successfully used in sports medicine, it helps to cure and eliminate the consequences of injuries, sprains, overtraining, hematoma, muscle spasms and scar. Encourages blood vessels, acts against pain and helps in the treatment of lengthy diseases. It helps in the treatment of musculoskeletal system injuries, broken, sprains, dislocations and tear of tendons and muscles, rheumatism, burns, and a variety of degenerative and inflammatory changes, multiple sclerosis and arthritis. The results of regular treatment, by local cryotherapy are faster wound healing, removing the effects of inflammation and reducing swelling. Local cryotherapy may be combined with whole body cryotherapy.
One can freely undergo through life and thus further reinforcing health and enhance life indefinitely through the whole body cold regeneration method.

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