Walking in snow shoes is a popular and healthy winter sports activity ideal for everyone. It is dynamic, engages the whole body, ski poles help you straighten it and relieve psychical and physical stress in nature.

The Tatras offer great conditions for trips in snow shoes. Rent a pair of snow shoes, set out for a trip with a professional guide and enjoy walking in polar style.


Nordic Walking is a great physical activity that engages the whole body. It strengthens inner back muscles and boosts blood circulation without putting too much strain on joins. It supports psychical well-being, health and physical activity. It is a safe, easy and amusing way how to improve physical fitness regardless the age, sex or physical skills.

Nordic Walking can be performed on snow as well. Rubber “caps” are removed so that the poles can be stuck into white snow cover. Rent a pair of poles and set out for a trip with an experienced instructor who will teach you the proper walking technique.

The Tatras in motion
– a project that offers over 100 km of marked NW courses and tracks of other popular outdoor sports. There are details about organised sports events and races, high-quality maps and a unique registration system for all events.

Nordic Walking centre – Štrbské Pleso – the Nordic Walking association is the only certified Nordic Walking training centre in Slovakia! It has an office at Štrbské Pleso too and offers experienced instructors who organise courses and teach the right technique.