The High Tatra mountain range in central Europe is an extraordinary place: apart from the 25 peaks above 2500m there are unique glacial lakes, protected plants and rare animals.

The Black Stork golf resort in Veľká Lomnica has an unrivalled position on the south side, in the protected area of the Tatra National Park. Unspoilt countryside, mountain peaks and fresh air – these are the attributes to enjoy and appreciate on the 120 ha of beautiful scenery. In October 2011 the golf resort was awarded the prestigious PGA brand – a PGA Golf Course and became only the 19th course in the world with this stamp of quality.

Adventure Golf was born in North America, where it is popular on the recreational as well as professional level. It is basically regular golf but played on a smaller area, i.e. artificial golf grass with golf clubs that are used for putting or with mini golf hammer-clubs and golf balls. Adventure Golf trains concentration, patience, motor activity, ability to estimate but also competitiveness. It is exciting and amusing.

FootGolf combines two most popular sports in the world – football and golf. It is played with a regular football ball on a golf pitch with 53 cm-big holes.