Boating on Štrbské pleso

The popular and relaxing BOATING ON THE TARN OF ŠTRBSKÉ PLESO offers nostalgic moments. The boating tradition in the Tatras is more than 130 years old. In 2008, boating was restored again on the tarn after 25 years.

Tourists can now feast their eyes on beautiful Mt Solisko and enjoy the peaceful surface of this unique tarn that once fought to become one of Seven Wonders of the World.

There are 18 stylish wooden rowing boats and 1 sports rowing boat docked at a new pier that offers stunning views of the Tatras. To make the boating experience more special, one can hire a private rower.

Did you know that?

The boating on the tarn started when the first buildings appeared in the area. There was a pier and a shelter for boats in 1880. Boating was a popular activity among people at that time, lasting from May to October depending on weather. However, for environmental reasons, both boating and swimming were forbidden in the 1980s. The tarn of Štrbské pleso is under fifth level of protection and all activities have to follow strict rules as a protected species of the whitefish lives in the water.

Boating rules:

  • It is forbidden to fish, angle or feed the wild ducks and fish while boating.
  • It is not allowed to take any food or luggage onto the boat. Luggage can be left with the staff at the pier free of charge.
  • Smoking, shouting and throwing rubbish into the tarn is strongly forbidden.
  • It is also forbidden to swim in the water and jump from the boat into the tarn.
  • You can get on and off the boat at the pier only. It is not allowed to dock a boat outside the pier and go ashore.
  • It is forbidden to row the boat under the influence of alcohol, drugs or endanger the safety of others while boating.

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