Lomnický štít | 2 634 m n. m.

If you belong to a group of people who do not sleep until late and are addicted to new experiences, this offer is designed for you. 

Take one of morning lifts to get from Tatranská Lomnica up to Skalnaté pleso and enjoy a traditional Slovak breakfast beneath the sky, on the very top of the peak of Lomnický štít at an altitude of 2,634 m a.s.l. After the breakfast you can admire the unique panoramic views of Tatra Mountain glistening peaks, deep valleys and the surrounding countryside. 

As for departure of the cableway leading to Skalnaté pleso – Lomnický štít, the offer is limited in time (9:00 and 9:20) as well as in the number of people (2×14 people). It´s necessary to book the breakfast a day in advance at the Infocenter Tatranská Lomnica, or by calling +421 903 11 22 00. 

Breakfast price: €12 excl. cableway transport.

The current price list of cableways HERE.