Take cableways to enjoy great views

Tatra cableways offer one of the most popular ways how to discover the Tatras and make moments spent there more pleasant. They will reveal another perspective of the mountains. A perspective we are not used to. Do you like this kind of travelling? Take one of comfortable cable cars or chairlifts in the Tatras and enjoy beautiful panoramas and fresh air.

Skalnate tarn

Visit the most popular tourist destination – Skalnaté pleso (tarn) at the altitude of 1,751 metres. Take a 4-seater cable car to get there from the lower station at Tatranská Lomnica. The area around the tarn is tailor-made for pleasant walks or hiking trips. Kids will love it there. They can frolic in the Marmot country – an eco-mini-park with wooden sculptures, a little marmot chalet, climbing frames and much more. There is an astronomical and meteorological observatory near Skalnaté pleso at the altitude of 1,786 metres. The observatory was established in 1943, when the first observations were made here. Relax and bag some rays at one of the highest located restaurants in the High Tatras – at the Panorama Restaurant Skalnaté pleso, which has a really fitting name. The sunny terrace offers beautiful panoramic views of surrounding rock peaks and tourist trails in the summer and the steepest ski slopes in Slovakia – Lomnické sedlo in the winter.

Take a cable car from Tatranská Lomnica to Skalnaté pleso or use a green marked tourist trail from Tatranská Lomnica, a red marked tourist trail from Zamkovský´s chalet or a red marked tourist trail from the Chalet at Zelené pleso (tarn).

Lomnicky peak

Make a trip to the second highest peak of the High Tatras – Lomnicky peak (Lomnický štít) with your family. Get above the clouds and enjoy unforgettable views of surrounding peaks of the smallest grand mountains in the world. Enter the kingdom of silence and relax in the stylish Dedo café. A 4-seater cable car operates from the lower station at Tatranská Lomnica to the upper station at Skalnaté Pleso. From there you can take a unique red suspension cable car to Lomnicky peak. which surmounts a vertical drop of 855 metres. The ride takes 8.5 minutes.

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Hrebienok (1,285m) is a very popular tourist destination in the High Tatras. The oldest tourist centre Starý Smokovec is a significant crossing station of the town of Vysoké Tatry. From the settlement of Starý Smokovec one can easily get to Hrebienok – a starting point for several tourist trails. Take a funicular from Starý Smokovec to the altitude of 1,272 m and enjoy the same feeling as Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. could when she visited the High Tatras. It takes 7 minutes only to surmount a vertical drop of 255 m. Hrebienok is a popular starting point for hiking trips to valleys of Veľká and Malá Studená dolina or to Slavkovský štít (peak). Recharge your batteries after a strenuous hiking trip at the Snack bar of Hrebienok. It is located inside the building of the upper funicular station. It is an ideal place for family meetings, just a stone´s throw to embark or disembark the funicular.

Hrebienok is an ideal location in winter as it hosts Tatry Ice Master – a remarkable event which is considered unofficial world ice sculpture championships. There is also a unique cathedral of ice – the Tatra Temple built in the area.


Come to one of the lowest and easiest accessible peaks of the High Tatras. Mt.Predné Solisko, located on the southern edge of the mountain range at the altitude of 2,093 m, offers a beautiful view of the valleys Mlynická and Furkotská dolina. Take a 4-seater Solisko Express cable car from the lower station at Štrbské Pleso up to the altitude of 1,814 m. It takes only 7 minutes to surmount a vertical drop of 431 metres. Only a few metres from the upper cable car station, there is the Bivac Pizza with a sunny terrace, which offers beautiful views of the valley, Mt. Kriváň, the romantic tarn of Štrbské pleso, or the hill Kráľová hoľa.

If you want to get to the peak of Mt. Predné Solisko, start your journey at the Chalet under Mt. Solisko (near the Bivac Pizza) and follow a red marked tourist trail. The trip takes: 1 hour.