Winter trips

Let the adventure in the High Tatras begin this winter!

There is much more than just skiing on perfectly groomed slopes with beautiful views of the snow-white region of the Tatras and endless fun on the slopes. Enjoy piles of real winter adventures and experiences you will never forget!

A winter holiday in the High Tatras is the best way to have a rest, relax by being active and try news sports activities.

Walking around the countryside in winter

There are about 20 km of marked tourist trails in the alpine zone available every winter so that the tourists can enjoy their winter holidays in the Tatras to the fullest.
A snow crèche at Rainer´s chalet, waterfalls of Studený potok (brook), hiking trips along Tatra valleys or walks across a romantic, snow-covered winter country – this is just to illustrate what the winter in the Tatras has to offer.

Ski touring in the embrace of silence

How about escaping from busy ski pistes to silent nature, skiing on untouched snow, feasting your eyes on breathtaking sceneries from snow-covered peaks? Enter the world of ski touring with us.

A mug of warm cottage tea

Tourist trails lead to 12 alpine chalets in the High Tatras in winter. There you can enjoy special cottage tea but also views of beautiful peaks, big valleys and frozen tarns.

Travel high to the clouds

Do you want to plan something special for your kids? Make a cable car trip with them and let them admire majestic Tatra peaks from below. They will experience unforgettable moments and you will feast your eyes on beautiful panoramic views of the Tatras.